Monday, September 15, 2008

It's an Addiction I Tell you an Addiction!

Happy Monday!

I can't help myself I am completely addicted to Halloween. Well the disease only gets worse with age. Although I complain about how they put out Halloween decorations and candy in July, each year I find myself strangly attracted to that section of the store. I love everything about it and I hate to say I think I inherited this terrible ailment from my mother and grandmother. When I was a kid each year we would discuss for months what costumes we would make that year so that we would all match. One of my favorite years we went as a school of sharks and carried around a boombox that played the theme song to Jaws. It was always so much fun and made such wonderful memories.

Here is the backstory and why I started out my blog today with the above confession. Today is my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! I won't tell you how old she is because I do value my life but it is not a big one, that was last year ---hint, hint. My mom not only loves Halloween but choclate too, so I had to make a card that incorporates both (at least that is my excuse). Like the loving and wonderful (favorite) daughter I am, I called her this morning to wish her a happy birthday. And I have to tell you I was really offended. The first words out of her mouth were, "You know your sister already e-mailed me this morning to wish me a happy birthday." Well it is not my fault that my sister is so sneaky. Naturally I told my mother that that did not matter seeing as how I am her favorite daughter and the only one who sent her a hand made card and made her a hand made gift. And can you believe it she just laughed at me. The nerve of some people! So here it is:

The inside is stamped Happy Birthday!. For this card I used some patterned paper I bought a couple months ago at Michael's. The chocolate chips are stamped from a Stampin' Up stamp set called Oh So Sweet. The trick-or-treater is from a stamp set by Storage Units inks and more called Kooky Kostumes. Isn't he adorable! I colored him in with my stampin' write markers and then stamped the sentiment with a letter set I bought at the dollar spot at Michaels. I finshed the look with a spatula button and a piece of brown ribbon. It turned out perfectly.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, please stop by again!


Jason Core Dumpter said...

Cute card!

Happy birthday, Paula!

Beverly said...

I love your choice of a chocolate chip cookie theme. For years we teased your mother because besides macaroni and cheese, the cc cookies were all that she could cook that was edible.

From your Grandmother's favorite oldest daughter

PS Happy day after your b-day sissy!