Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breaking the Monotony!

Happy Wednesday!

Another beautiful day here. Izzy was pretty much outside all day. We went to the park with the neighbor's kids and had a really good time. Izzy discovered that her favorite activity at the park is going down the slide. Mommy discovered that her least favorite activity at the park is going down the slide. Oh my goodness, I almost didn't have to work out today because I lifted her so many times. Where is Daddy when you need him. Oh yeah at work.

I got a ton done today for our Halloween party. I have all the invitations colored and now I just need to cut them out and assemble them. The party is a little over a month away so they need to go out pretty soon. I also made two more door prizes. I will be showing those later in the week. I am completely exhausted. It is a good thing Tracy is coming over tomorrow to help me. We are going to try to knock out all the invitations. Hopefully we can have them in the mail by Monday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Since I have been exclusively working with Halloween lately, I decided to post a card I made a few weeks ago. I actually made three of this card. One for Tracy, one for my mother-in-law and one for my mom. The sewing machine broke on the one for my mom, wouldn't you know it, and I had to finish sewing by hand. I think my sister was sending me bad vibes. She is always trying to weasel her way into the favorite daughter position (I of course hold the monopoly on that one, but there is no reason to burst her bubble). I wanted to make thank you cards for them to let them know how much I appreciated them going to stamping classes with me. They are all so supportive of my addiction and even go with me to learn more about it. Sorry about the picture quality, I am still playing with the camera to find out the best settings for getting the clearest pictures.

For this card I created a gate fold card. I used maroon paper as the card base and then zigzag stitched some striped paper I had in my scrap box. I then stamped Scrapbook Girls by Denami Designs and colored them in using my stampin' write markers so they resembled the three of us (they of course look exactly like the three of us: thin and gorgeous) Next I mounted them on a piece of orange card stock and scalloped the edges. I then used some bright blue ribbon around the card and added some fuchsia rhinestone stickers in the four corners. I think it turned out really cute and was much prettier in person.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Please come again.


Jason Core Dumpter said...

What a cute and thoughtful thank you! Well done!!

Paula Still said...

That's me on the card ... the skinny one on the right. Wait, they are all skinny! Oh, you just put moi' on the the card three times and dyed my hair!

I can't tell you how much this card meant to me, especially since you finished it by hand. Of course, I'm worth it, being that I'm your favorite mother, but I do appreciate it.

Thank you for including me on your obsession and addiction. You must of inherited those traits from YOUR FATHER!!!!