Friday, September 12, 2008

Got Bees?

Happy Friday!

I am posting a little bit late today. Izzy and I had an extremely busy day. We ran to Joann's to look at Halloween costume patterns and I think I finally settled on one that I would like to make for her. Then we went to Toys 'R Us and bought Izzy some new toys. I found this really cute and cheap kids stroller for baby dolls and Izzy will hardly let it out of her hands. She is pushing it all over the house, she was even running over our dog Tuxy! So here I am posting in the evening instead of the afternoon.

Today I wanted to share a card I made for my dad. My dad is one of those guys who knows everything. I mean he literally does. I am constantly calling up asking him questions and advice about our house, Izzy and about my life in general. He always seems to have an answer and they are always logical and supportive. I am such a Daddy's girl!

So here is the back story for my project today. (There is always a back story with me.) Well, my parents came up to visit us last month and my dad was hanging out on the back deck and he saw a wasps nest under the eave of our house. He pointed it out to me and told me I probably should get rid of them. I told Dad that I would let Jason know and I went on a search for the wasp spray. When I came back out, my dad asked me if I knew what to do if I didn't have any spray. I of course had no idea so he told me to spray some gasoline on them. Gas will kill them right away. I thought this was a little strange, but it made sense. Since we had wasp killer though, we went ahead and used it.

So here is where the card comes in. Over Labor Day weekend Jason and I started power washing our decks to get them ready for staining. Jason was washing the wall of the gazebo when he must have sprayed a yellow jackets' nest that was behind the wall. The yellow jackets started coming out of the floorboards and one of them stung Jason. I was telling my dad about it the next day and he said well you could always pour gasoline on them. (Of course I would never do this seeing as how are deck is made of WOOD). But then the funniest part of the story is that he told me not to light it on fire to get rid of them the gas alone will do it. I can not resist giving my dad a hard time so I called him the next day and told him that I took his advice and poured gasoline all over the decks and since I couldn't remember the rest of what he said I went ahead and set it on fire. Bees and Decks all taken care of. My dad thought it was funny so I sent a card to commemorate it. The inside asks "Got Bees?"

I made the card out of red card stock and a piece of yellow card stock I had lying around and a sheet of whisper white card stock from Stampin' Up. The lettering I did with a sharpie and used chipboard letters as a template. The bees are a stamp by Denami called curly bee and are so cute! I colored them in using my stampin' write markers and then added a touch of glitter to them.
I love you Daddy!!
Thanks for stopping by today and looking at my blog. Have a great weekend!

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Jason Core Dumpter said...

Now we're cookin' with gas!! Enjoyed the post.