Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Need Help I Tell You! Help!

Happy Tuesday!

It was so beautiful here today. The sun was out, the sky was blue and it was only in the low seventies. I couldn't get Izzy to come inside. She must know that these kinds of days are numbered.

Well we had an extremely busy day today. We went to Michaels where they were having an awesome sale on almost everything. I really stocked up. Then we went to the grocery store and bought a few essentials. Then we headed over to my best friend Tracy's house to begin planning our party and then headed to Target. It was Halloween heaven. I absolutely love to go to the Target by Tracy's. It is the coolest. It has underground parking and an escalator for your carts! But the best part is that they have a million times more stuff than our Target does. It is always so much fun. You would be proud of me though, I didn't buy any Halloween stuff while I was there. I made a huge list of things I need to pick up next time I go, but I didn't actually buy anything. There is a difference.

So I have started working on our Halloween party. I have been trying to come up with door prize ideas and the first one I came up with is a box called "Witches Brew". Inside will be orange flavored Crystal Light to Go packs. (They come in orange packages.) Jason came up with an awesome idea and suggested that I use the cherry flavored ones too because they come in this really cool red color. Isn't he the greatest!

This is the front of the box. I used a piece of Old Olive card stock from Stampin' Up and traced a dismantled Crystal Lite box onto it and cut it out. I scored it using the Crystal Lite box as a template and assembled. Then I stamped the witch and the cauldron using The Witching Hour stamp set from Storage Units, Inks and More. I colored them in with my stampin' write markers and used a glitter pen to create some accents. Isn't she adorable! I then printed off "Witches Brew" using a font I found on my computer that I thought looked scary and mounted it on a piece of Perfect Plum and Pumpkin Pie. Finally I punch out goo using my Martha Stewart goo punch and attached it around the box.

For the side of the box. I stamped the three jars from Totally Witchin' by MFT stamps. I colored them in using my stampin' write markers and "aged" them using a sponge and close to cocoa ink by Stampin' Up.

The back of the box I printed up a "Newt"-trition information sheet on the computer using the same font as the title. I then aged it by sponging on close to cocoa ink with a little bit of really rust, both by Stampin' Up. I think it turned out really cute. I hope everybody gets a kick out of them.

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my blog!


Jason Core Dumpter said...

Very creative!

Paula Still said...

I love the ingredients ... especially the last one "sugar"!!! That is hilarious! You are so creative! I want several of them for our party! How much would you charge an old woman? Love ya!