Monday, March 23, 2009

How Did I Become So Blessed?

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Well we had a super, super busy weekend. It was nice enough that Jason and Izzy were able to get outside and do lots and lots of gardening. They planted lettuce, spinach, beans and all sorts of other things. Izzy thoroughly enjoyed it! I saw her out there helping to clean up all the extra debris and raking through the dirt. Of course she conned her dad into giving her a ride on the garden helper which is basically a flat bed wheelbarrow. She loved it. I on the other hand was inside the whole time. Which was actually fine because I got a whole lot of stamping done. Of course none of it I can show you yet, but I was able to get most of what I wanted done, done! Yay!!! I am so happy about that!

Quick story though about Izzy and Jason. I have slowly been learning what Jason and Izzy talk about when I am not around. Izzy is in that mocking bird phase where she is repeating everything that we say. It is actually amusing because we will be hanging out and all the sudden she will say something and I can look over at Jason and say, "Did you teach her that?" Of course most of the time the answer is yes! LOL! Well on Friday, I gave Izzy a bowl of strawberries to eat while she was outside. It started to rain and somehow the bowl was left outside. On Saturday while Jason and Izzy were walking around, she found it again. My understanding is the conversation went something like this.

Izzy, picking up the bowl and holding it up to Jason: More Strawberries, please.

Jason: I don't have any more strawberries.

Izzy, looking down sorrowfully then holding the bowl back up: Ask Mommy!

What, I never taught her that. So I asked Jason and guess what he told me? Oh yeah, I tell her that all the time! Of course he did! LOL!

Alright onto my projects for today. Since I don't have anything to share just yet (HINT, HINT, I will definitely have something tomorrow seeing as how it is the first day of Sneak Peeks for Pink Cat Studio!!!!!!!), I decided to share some wonderful RAKs I have received form some really great stamping friends I have made!

My first share for today is a RAK I received from my wonderful friend Jacquie! She is such an amazing stamper and has the best papers and accessories. I am always teasing her about going through her amazing stash. Of course she would then have to teach me how to use them all, but that is beside the point! LOL! So here is the wonderful creation she sent me along with a bag of gorgeous buttons, a stack of awesome papers and some beautiful flowers!!!!! Can you believe it? Like the card wasn't gift enough!

My second share for today is a RAK I received from my friend Heather who I was fortunate enough to meet in person a couple of weeks ago in Wisconsin! OMGoodness we had the best time and let me tell you her creations are even more amazing in person! Completely blew me away! Wow, wow, wow! And on top of it she sent me some gorgeous prima flowers too! I am telling you, I don't' know what I did to deserve these, but I better keep doing it! LOL! Here is Heather's drop dead gorgeous creation she sent me!!

Now, my third share for today (Can you believe it!!!!!) is from my awesome friend Danni!! I love Danni's work and my favorite part is when she does her That Was Then This is Now posts!! Love, love, love them! She even updates me to tell me she is going to be posting them, which I love!!! I don't want to miss them for heavens sake!!!!! LOL! Seriously though she is so mega talented and she sent me this beautiful creation from one of her TWTTN posts!! Could I be any luckier and to top it off she also sent me some beautiful stamped sugar nellies!! I can hardly wait to color them up!! It is one of the few images I don't own. Without further ado, her is Danni's masterpiece!

How blessed can I be? (Warning, getting mushy!) I got into stamping to find a hobby that I could enjoy while Izzy was napping and hopefully Izzy and I could do together, and it became a support system that provides encouragement and friendship when I most need it! It truly is a blessing to me! Thank you to everyone!

Well that is it for me today. I will be back tomorrow with my first sneak peeks for the Pink Cat Studio release! They will definitely knock your socks off! Thanks everyone for stopping by! Smiles!


Maria said...

LOL! Izzy is adorable! "Ask mommy". . .I think all husbands teach their kids that. I always hear my husband telling my kids "ask your mom" when he doesn't want them to give them a definite answer. They'll come to me and I'll say "ask your dad"! LOL!!

What awesome RAKs you received. . .they're all so beautiful. Your friends are so sweet to send you such beautiful cards!


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

What gorgeous RAKS Janna.. I love them all but the image on Danni's card is so adorable, Can't wait to see what you've been upto for the Sneaks.. See you tomorrow sweetie, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Jodi said...

These are great RAKs!! You deserve them!! Can't wait to see what you made for tomorrow's sneak peeks!

Emily said...

I love hearing your stories!!! I also love the cards and you are blessed to know me too :P!!!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

What a cute story!! My girls and dear hubby do the same to me. I have learned to do the same thing though especially when I don't want to be the one to answer a question. LOL! Those RAK's are great!! I too, have made some awesome friends, like you, via the stamping world. Isn't it great!!

Jacquie said...

Janna!! I am SO glad you liked your card and am honored that you have posted it here!! My goodness, it is definately I who is the blessed one!!! SO glad we met and are friends!! You are SO talented and such an inspiration!!! Izzy is SO darn CUTE!!! She reminds me of Kyah, when she was that age!!! You're THE BEST!!!


Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

These are great! I especially love the top one, and the blue eyeshadow is too cute! :)

Michelle said...

WOW - you are one lucky girl! It's so fun to meet ladies online and even better when you get to meet them in person!

Jason Core Dumpter said...

Great card! Love the RAKs, too!!

Tasha said...

LOL the Izzy and her daddy story made me giggle! Izzy sounds adorable!
Cant wit to see your sneaky peaks tomorrow! Thanks for your lovely comments they mean an awful lots to me!
love tasha xx

COCO said...

wo very gorgeous card and fabulous coloring !!!!!
hugs coco

Maria Matter said...

Your Izzy stories are so cute!
You are blessed Janna!
These are beautiful RAK cards.
You're right about the wonderful friendships...I feel the same way!
To have friends from around the globe is just so amazing to me.
We lived beside an older couple without children...seemingly nothing in common. Then she started stamping with me and BAM, she's such a great friend now...such a blessing!
Well, that was a warm fuzzy post to make me smile, thanks for sharing Janna!
blessings, Maria

WickedPixie said...

At the risk of also being mushy, I wanted you to know your comments and encouragement have also meant the world to me. I only recently started my blog and was very nervous about doing so. I didn't think I'd have anything interesting to say, and I am rather shy until I know someone. You have been so warm and kind!

Heather said...

Glad it got to you safely! Thanks for always leaving such nice comments for me! Hope you have a great day!