Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Erin Go Bragh - A Day Late!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I know I have been gone for awhile now and I am sorry! One reason is because my parents and my nieces were in town over the weekend and we were super busy just hanging out and catching up! We had so much fun and Izzy had a wonderful time hanging out with her cousins. They went to the park and climbed all over the jungle gym. They played in Izzy's play kitchen making us all sorts of creations to eat! They also read to each other and held hands! It was just so, so sweet! The girls were all so great together! I wish that we could all live closer so she could hang out with them more!

Well the other big thing that happened to disrupt my stamping time, sheesh, was we woke up Monday morning to vandalism on our car, garage door and fence. (We live across the street from a park and have green space behind us with access down the side of our house so people are always walking by). Let me tell you we were a little shocked to say the least! Of course in one respect this is horrible and sad (we weren't the only house hit) but in reality it is also a little amusing. The girls that did this (they fortunately stopped them the night before for breaking curfew without knowing they had done all this damage) were not exactly the brightest bulbs in the box! First they wrote all sorts of slurs against women on Jason's car, spelling several of them wrong, they actually wrote their initials on our fence in spray paint and the best part is they left the can of spray paint in the walkway!! LOL!! And one of my neighbors said they wrote a derogatory slur about being white on her mailbox, which would have been pretty upsetting except my neighbor is a beautiful African American woman! LOL! I have to tell you too, I have never seen so many people slow down in front of our house before! It actually became a little amusing! I started to keep a tally!

Well, as my dad said you can't cry over spilled milk and luckily we have a very good insurance company so hopefully this incident will be behind us soon! I think Izzy has actually enjoyed it a little bit because we have been spending so much time outside! She has been having the time of her life, pushing her stroller around, dragging her little stuffed animals everywhere. It is so cute! I have to say my favorite part though is that after she has spent a day outside she smells so good! I call it her baby sunshine smell. So much fun!

Now onto my Twinkling Tuesday card that is of course a day late! Yikes! And the sad part is I have had this idea since the weekend! Oh well, I finally got it completed and I used my new labels two nesties!!!! Yay!!! So this week's Twinkling Tuesday challenge was actually issued by a guest Twinkie Miss Ava Grace, our DT member Taylor's daughter! In honor of St. Patty's Day she wanted to include a little green and of course brown much to my friend Heather's dismay who seems to be "allergic" to it! LOL!

I just couldn't' help myself with this little Ian. That little plaid hat and the coat and short pants just screamed little Irish lad to me! So, I started my card off by stamping Hello Ian by The Greeting Farm on white card stock and colored him in with my copics. Before I stamped him I masked off his flower with some tape so it wouldn't stamp. I then punched out 4 tiny hearts from green card stock using my Martha Stewart Punch and then placed them around to make them look like a clover. To create the card itself. I layered on brown and green card stock along with some DP from DCWV. I used my argyle embossing folder to create the texture on my green piece of card stock. Next I cut out my colored image along with a brown piece of card stock using my nesties and added white dots reminiscent of Marky's Mom using my white gel pen. To complete my card, I stamped the sentiment from Blarney Stone by SUINK on white card stock and mounted it on a ribbon tag I punched out with my nesties and threaded through some brown ribbon. I hope, a fun and festive St. Patty's day card!

Now onto the wonderful DT's creations!! They will surely blow you away!!!
Thanks everyone for sticking with me this week and for stopping by! Don't forget you can play along too this week! Simply add the keyword MTTSC14 when uploading to SCS or PCP! Lots of smiles!


pinky said...

He's a cutie, nearly looks IRISH! Love your little girl's name. My late Mum was called Isabel and my husband christened her Izzy!! Hope you got everything sorted outside, grr,.. so maddening how many lunnies live in this world.

Emily said...

I love him....he's the only Ian I don't I want him too!!!

Cathy said...

Very cute!!

Sorry about the trouble you had. People can be so uuuuggghhh!!

Hugs, Cathy

the whimsical butterfly said...

This is adorable and totaly worth the wait! I LOVE it and love how you replaced the flower w/ a shamrock you GENIUS!! You are scientifically smart, too!!!!! WOW....OIA!!!!

LOL ok seriously though this card is amazing and I admire your dedication-after ALL you had to go through you poor thing! I can't believe some carzy person would do that to you! I hope you get it all resolved soon and big hugs! LOVE little Ian!!!

Maria said...

Hey Janna, wow, I'm sorry to hear about what happened. How terrible and how stupid. Too funny that person left all sorts of evidence behind. Gotta laugh about that one. I'm glad you have good insurance. . .that helps. It's sad that people behave the way they do. . .

It sounds like you're enjoying time with your family. I think family time is so important. I sometimes get too involved in all the crafting/blogging that I don't spend enough time with my family so I try to stop my crafting and blogging when my daughter gets home from school. I only sneak back into my craft room when my daughter is busy doing her homework.

I love your Ian card. .so beautifully colored as always. I love the color combo that you used. It's perfect for a boy card!!


WickedPixie said...

Janna, what an adorable card (and so clever with your Martha Stewart heart clover!)

I am sorry to hear about what happened, but you sound like you have such a positive attitude about it. That is inspiring!

Michelle said...

WOWZERS!! I just love how you colored Ian - absolutely PERFECT!! The layout is awesome and loving the nesties die! You had the best touches - the white dots on the nesties frames just makes you look at the focal point! It may have been a day late but was totally worth the wait!!!

Glad to have you back - awesome that you got to spend time with family not so great about the vandalism! I'm a little shocked here - when I was growing up it seemed boys were getting in trouble and the saying was boys will be boys. BUT now adays there are more and more girls getting into trouble - what's that all about? And what's the point? I mean spray painting all your property what was it going to prove - I guess in this case that they are dumb criminals (there's actually a show about this so maybe they're trying to get on it!!!).

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

So, soooo cute! You are amazing with those TGF images! Well, with coloring too! ;-)

I am so glad you had fun with your family, that STINKS about the vandalism though! Glad they caught the girls too - jeez. Gotta love that story, they put their initials on their "work", hahahaa.

Tasha Hickert said...

OMWord!! I love your Ian. First of all I love the green and brown comb., especially the plaid you created for the hat and shorts--what a dapper dresser! I also reall like the brown button accessories. Your coloring is amazing as always.

Sounds like you have recovered from the shock of your crazy day. Had to laugh about the neighbor lady, but it's nice to know that the damage was random and not targeted. ;)

Kristine said...

Oh My!
Hope everything works out witht the insurance company.
I LOVE your St. Patrick's Day Card!
so beautifully coloured!
Hugs from Kristine

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Ian looks fabulous Janna and your colouring is gorgeous, I'm so sorry to hear about the vandalism and hope you get everything sorted with your insurance. Sending you big hugs, Nikki x

Jodi said...

Hey Janna, glad to have you back in blog world. Though, I am so sorry to hear about that vandalism incident. It is funny that this was not so well thought out by those girls and I sure hope everything gets taken care of soon with your insurance.
It's great that you were able to spend the time with your famil, that is sooo important when everyone seems caught up in blogland. =)
Great Ian card, it's perfect for St Pat's Day!!
Hope your day is going well!
Jodi =)

Danni said...

I'm so sorry about all the mess you're having to deal with. Hugs!
Love, love your card!! So very nice!!

eggette said...

I LOVE your little "Irish" Ian..... perfect layout for this sweet little guy!! What a horrible, horrible thing you had to go through! So big of you to see the funny are a much better person than I!

Maria Matter said...

First off, I glad you enjoyed time with your family, that is always such a blessing!
But so sorry to hear about all the trouble! Glad you're taking it in stride! and Izzy got to be outside more...that was cute!
Love what you did with're right he does look a little Irish! Great job with these colors btw!
Blessings, Maria

Tasha said...

Wow Janna what a brilliant card. I hope you hada good time with your family
love tasha xx

Rebecca Ednie said...

Very cute and the colours are perfect! Love the clover!

Kimmie0270 said...

Well worth the wait on St. Patty's Day cheer... this card is awesome!

Summerthyme Studio said...

Gosh, Janna, this is the sweetest!!! I just LOVE it!


Heather said...

Just so you know, this is the absolute cutest Hello Ian card I have ever seen! You are incredible!
Sorry to hear about the graffiti. You seem to be taking it WAY better than I ever would!

Michelle B. AKA JustPaintingAround said...

Ian was DEFINATELY a leprechaun in disguise! These colors look darling on him! (and may your life return back to the norm soon!)

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Sorry to hear about the vandalism and mess. Sometimes this world scares me. Atleast these girls were only hurting property and not people. Last night I went to singing practice (for a small ladie's singing group I sing for in church) when my cousing received a cel phone girl from her niece telling her not to go to Walmart after practice as she had planned. The news was telling all women to stay away from any Walmarts within 100 mile radius becuase someone from the area tipped them off that there was a gang initiation going on. As part of this initiation the participants had to shoot and kill 3 women at a Walmart that night! I haven't seen the news to see if anything had happened but how scary. The worst part was that I had just come from Walmart 30 minutes before my cousin's daughter called. I live in New York but not the city. I am 80 miles from there in a somewhat suburban/country community. I can't believe the things that go on here.

Anywho.....I absolutely love your Irish guy.!!! You always do such awesome work Janna! I love chatting with you and visiting your blog with all your gorgeous creations! You're the best!!

Darla said...

Hey Janna, I love all the details of this card. What an awesome idea to do the four leaf clover instead of the flower! Great coloring - especially on the plaid parts! Love all the details of the paper, brads, layout etc.. Perfect card for St. Patty's Day!

Cassie said...

Oh my gosh Janna - that is horrible! I hope they make those girls clean up all the mess! Ugh! at least they caught them. We always seems to have hits during the big football game between rivals --- but they NEVER catch them --- or don't care to maybe!

Ian is soooooo cute!!! He just looks so sweet and dapper in his outfit!! Another terrific coloring job!!

Rosette said...

WOW JAnna this is awersome dear!! LOVE this colour combo and how it worked well on Ian ;) Love it to bits xxx