Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two in Two

Hey everyone!

So this is two posts in two days!!! Wow!!!! And I actually have a project to show you, but I don't have the camera set up so you will have to settle for an Izzy story instead. You know I have to start things off slowly and what better way to get back in the game than to give you an Izzy story.

So back in April we added a new member to our family, a cut adorable little girl Boston Terrier that Izzy named Missy Bark Bark. Of course everytime we go to the vet they have to say her whole name and then giggle. And if I ever try to tell anyone that her name is Missy, Izzy jumps in and informs them that her whole name is Missy Bark Bark. Here is her picture!

Well, a couple of weeks ago Missy discovered that we have adorable little moles in our yard that are fun to catch. Izzy and I were in the back yard playing when she caught one! I thought I was quick enough to grab it from her before she ate it but I wasn't. Of course I was extremely upset and kept going on about how gross it was. Later that night, Izzy and Jason decided to give Missy a bath (she not only eats gross things but also stinks to high heaven). Izzy was lathering her up and started squeezing on her tummy. Jason asked her what she was doing and Izzy started saying, "Spit out your critter, spit out your critter!" Thank goodness Missy didn't listen! LOL!!!!

And an Announcement!!! I now have a couple of items up in my Etsy store if anyone is interested and will be adding more each day! Thanks for looking!!!!!!!


marry said...

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susan said...

LOL! Your Izzy is a great kid and funny, too. I can just imagine a tiny voice saying that while she squeezes the puppy's tummy. They grow up too fast. Enjoy every minute with her now while she is little.

Heather Schlatter said...

Oh my was just looking in the side bar to my blog and saw the pictures of two dogs and new that was new. Funny because I don't spend to much time on my blog these days so when I saw a new post from you so soon after you posted that is a coincidence sorry Sp???

The dogs are cute together and glad you are posting some again it will be fun to keep up with you!

Anonymous said...

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Erica said...

Those are cute dogs!

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