Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's The Day!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is the day we put our house up on the market!!!!!! The real estate agent is coming over this afternoon to take pictures and then we sign the documents. That being said, my LPS post will be a little late today as I am in a frantic whirlwind trying to get everything looking perfect.

To get you started though, this week's challenge is a color challenge!

Want to know what the prize is?

ONE random winner will be chosen out of this week's submissions and will win {Katie Carousel}! BUT, there's more! IF the winner just so happens to go over to the new LPS Forum and become a group member, that said winner will not only win Katie Carousel, but ALL 5 new digis, too! SO be sure to head on over to the forum and join us, 'cuz that winner just might be you!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tasha Hickert said...

Hey, congratulations on getting your house on the market. Bet that is a big relief. Hope you're not too exhausted to make cards!! Hopefully, you have it sold by the time you read this. :)

Randi said...

Good luck with your house Janna!!!

Love the colors for the color challenge! Gorgeous!

LOVE your tennis Anya below! That green and teal combo is a stunner!!

Emily said...

Hey girlly...Long time no chatting...stamping finally doesn't make me sick!!!!! Heather also gave me the LOAD Of Awesome RAK, flowers and rockin paper, THANKS!!!!! Here in Hutch we don't cool things like that, which is good and bad... THANKS AGAIN!!!Pregnant EM